Our Proven Search Process

Needs Assessment

We begin each search with a thorough needs assessment.  We speak with hiring managers and HR personnel to define the position scope, duties, and responsibilities as well as necessary cultural fit. Once we have all the relevant details to your needs, we are able to craft a customized search plan to find potential talent.  This is our roadmap through our extensive database of contacts, helping us pinpoint your talent match.

Candidate Sourcing

We utilize a variety of sourcing methods to uncover passive or hidden candidates that may be a fit. We are networked deep and wide in our respective industries and tapping into previously unavailable talent to extend the reach of your search.

Footwork & Vetting

Upon identifying potential candidates, we conduct an initial call to probe background and potential interest.  From there, we then conduct a more comprehensive interview to establish full qualifications, career goals, and relevant search points such as compensation and cultural 'fit'.  Our in-depth vetting process focuses on a behavioral interviewing base - an interviewing style that focuses on specific situational performance and response.  We believe that a candidate's past behavior is the best predictor of their future behavior!

Client Presentation

From there, we will present the "best-in-class” - the most qualified and dynamic candidates that reflect your needs. We will inform you of their respective qualifications, resume, and other interest points to prepare you for reviewing potential candidates.  HCI will conduct all of the necessary legwork in scheduling and coordinating interviews to keep the process streamlined and focused.

Conduct Interviews

We set up the date, but let you experience it!  Once interviews are conducted, we serve as the intermediary between both parties in the hiring process.  We act as a liaison to facilitate you and the candidate.  We debrief, counsel and inquire with both parties to assist in the process.  We will also probe and reaffirm the candidate’s commitment to the opportunity and mitigate indecision and hesitancy.

Final Details

As a candidate advances in the hiring process - we can conduct more formal finishing touches if needed.  From background searches, reference checking and skill-based testing, we can assist you to further qualify/quantify your impending hiring decision.   Once you are ready, we can present your offer to the candidate and mediate negotiations in the employment package.

Prepare Transition

We do everything we can to aid the candidate with a smooth transition to the new position.  We provide coaching on resignation and counteroffers,  and serve as a reassuring, calming partner to prepare for the transition and sometimes relocation to your organization.

Human Capital Innovations is your source for exceptional executive search.  We strive to make the hiring process expeditious, effective and a value to your organization!

To learn more about initiating a search, please contact us today!

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