Resume Advice

Employers are usually so overwhelmed and inundated with applications for a position that they can't dedicate solid time to reading about each potential candidate.  Get your resume to the top of the stack and the “eye-time” you deserve with these helpful resume tips.

1. Looks Matter

In a sea of shuffled papers, what gets you noticed? 

Clean, organized and professional resumes pop and provide context for your skills and showcase an eye for detail.   Aim for clean, simple, and consistent.  Your resume should include ample white space and appropriate margins, spacing, and font size throughout your document.

The last thing you want is your resume to look disorganized and sloppy among a stack of comparable submissions.  The details make the difference.

2. The Art Of The Scan

A popular misconception among jobseekers is that a resume will be read, dissected and magnified by the employer seeking to hire.  In actuality, the resume will be scanned for pieces and details then validated for further review.  The first few seconds of the scan is the most important and will make or break your pursuit. 

Studies reveal that scans begin mid-page and then move left and up.  If important relevant job details are focused in this ‘sweet spot,’ you can strategically gain impact upon first scan.

3.  Directed Purpose, Focus On Specifics

Busy hiring managers want insight but are limited on time. They prefer to know quickly which applicants are qualified and worth further research and interview time.  

Compose your resume as a fact-sheet instead of a chronology.  Strive for succinct, but focused. Deliver clear data points about your accomplishments and show your impact. 

Illustrate your value by providing answers to questions such as:

  • How many people reported to you directly?
  • What size budget did you manage?
  • How much money did you save the company by changing an existing procedure?
  • How much time was involved to accomplish a project or task?
  • How much did your efforts add to the revenue growth of the division?
  • What was your output (such as the number of sales, new clients or successful product placements)?

4. Prove You Are The Best Candidate

The most impactful resumes are the ones that prove you are a right fit.  Cater your content and accomplishments to reflect how they may be applicable and impactful on this specific role.  You are trying to prove you are the best person for the job; your resume should make that obvious. 

You need to clearly emphasize your expertise, relevant value and impressive achievements as they relate to the opportunity. Extra information about skills in another area takes away precious resume real estate.  You need every line to really document your strengths and quantifiable achievements that can help convince a prospective employer that you merit a further look. 

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